About RobotX

RobotX is the premier unmanned systems competition in the world today, and challenges student teams from around the world to design, engineer, and build a fully autonomous maritime vehicle to complete a series of difficult tasks. The ERAU team working on the Maritime RobotX Challenge is composed of graduate and undergraduate students from Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software Engineering and is advised by Dr. Charles Reinholtz, Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department at ERAU. The team is leveraging its experience as the only university group in the world to participate in all of the major unmanned system collegiate competitions hosted by the AUVSI Foundation, including repeated top 5 finishes, and 1st place at Roboboat in 2014 and 2015, and expects to return as one of the top competitors in RobotX.




PAST & PResent

The competition’s primary goal is to increase student interest in autonomous robotic systemsoperating in the maritime domain. Emphasis is placed on systems engineering and the science and engineering of autonomy.  The Maritime RobotX Challenge will stimulate innovative approaches to autonomous sensing, on-board decision-making, and mission implementation.  It will promote international endeavors in science and technology among the Pacific region communities.


Boat Overview

The key components

The Minion system is based on a novel, modular hardware/software design. This architecture is fully networked with an interchangeable, upgradeable sensor package and service-oriented software that provides a high level of both flexibility and reliability. Communication, control, and health monitoring are implemented using an Ethernet-based backbone distributed across multiple computers using a publisher-subscriber paradigm. The hardware on Minion consists of commercial off-the-shelf sensing and ruggedized computing hardware with software modules that are abstracted to allow the use of each sensor’s data in different applications.



Making it possible

Thank you to everyone who helps us accomplish our goals and makes it possible for Team Minion to compete at RobotX.


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